Permanatly Disable WOPC?

Is this possible. I know that it can not be done with qsuite, but i was wondering if a batch file could be made and placed in my startup folder, to disable WOPC every boot. The only thing i have EVER burned in my BENQ1640 are SONY and FUJIfilm TY disks +r 8x, so WOPC doesnt really do that much for me

what, 5 seconds every boot too much for ya?

no its just sometimes when i come home, i dont know if the computer has been rebooted, and frankly if a batch file is possible, then it cant take but 10 seconds to make, so it would be an easy time saver

Until a better solution is found/made, you could try an interesting freeware app called AutoIt that I use for making unattended installations that don’t have the appropriate command line switches (for unattended Windows installations). It is easier to use and modify the script than it seems. At first I used to use the ScriptWriter app to make a basic script out of what I was intending to do, then edited the script to how I liked it and finally compiled it. The resulting EXE, when set to run at Windows startup, will start your app of choice for disabling WOPC (whichever you scripted for), and automatically disable it as if you had been at the mouse/keyboard. Good luck :slight_smile: