Perfume (Dustin Hoffman)

How do you copy “parfume” with Dustin Hoffman? I tried with anydvd last version but it doesnt works 6114 and I having many problems also with ripit4me 1690.
Is there a tip for it?
Thanks a lot

Define “doesn’t work” and “having many problems”.

What DVD Copy program are you using with AnyDVD? What media are you using? Explain in detail like forum member " TRU " has asked what problems you are having. " Doesn’t works" doesn’t give us any information to help you.:wink:

I would like to give it a try but can’t find the movie


Release Date???:

Hi CC Romeo: Did you read the above link, the movie will not be released on video until
On Video:Estimated for April 2007
Notify me when you know the exact release date
So barring any unforseen exclusive rights, I would like to know where the OP got this movie. Is it released in the country tristan12 is in, if so what country would that be?:wink:

Wow - that is the longest lead time I have ever seen. Every now and then, people bob up a week or 2 in advance with a copy (obviously, they work in a vid store). But 2 months! tristan12 must be at the production house.


According to, the release date in Germany is March 15th 2007.
So it is very likely that this title is available for rental there (or within the next days).

Even March 15th is still a month away, why would a rental store release it any earlier? Just want to know, not being a wise guy. LOL.

The store I work in only gets the movies in 7 days before general release. 30 days advance is unheard of.