Performance: TLA 01xx vs TLA 03xx

Well, contrary to some of my own earlier postings, I have found a significant performance difference between TLA 01xx and TLA 03xx, and it comes in the form of sensitivity to FE (focusing error) for DVD-R media.

Under TLA 01xx, if the focusing error approaches 35 or so, PIFs will appear on DVD-R media which often exceed 4 for a 1ECC block. In other words, a coaster. Even if I slow the rate of burning, the PIFs are still there–and in the same quantities.

It is very reproducible, but DVD-R media is much more sensitive to it. Brand does not matter, just FE of the sample. I haven’t seen this problem with any of my +R media, but it occurs on all of my -R media, when focusing errors are present.

I don’t know whether TLA 02xx addresses this (I don’t have access to a sample to check), but it is a definite and distinct difference between my units, and since my units are both excellent performers of their revisions, I’d have to attribute this to the TLA difference. If I had to guess, I’d think it was probably 02xx that fixed it.

By the way, CD-RW media, which uses a laser frequency similar to DVD-R, has shown problems on my TLA 01xx unit as well. I have yet to test this on the 03xx unit.

Anybody out there seeing similar results…? Please post.

[edit] I’d like to add that I’ve been a huge skeptic of the TLA kerfuffle, but this one looks real to me. I’d love to see a sample (FE/TE + PIF test) from an 01xx unit on a DVD-R that contradicts this. [edit more] …or a sample from an 03xx unit that has the same problem.

Well, here’s an update. After further investigation, I found the differences I was experiencing were due to my own disc handling. My burners are in two different locations (20 miles apart). The discs are stored with the 0304 burner. When I was transferring the discs, I didn’t take adequate care in handling and smudged the outer edges of the discs with (very) greasy fingers. It caused excessive PIFs on the transferred discs, which were only burned by the 0101 burner.

To test this theory, I similarly smudged a disc and put it into the 0304 burner and got similar bad results. Then I carefully transported new discs to the 0101 and the results were stellar.

So, to sum matters up, I found no real differences between my 0304 unit and my 0101 unit in terms of performance. And, as a second lesson, make sure you don’t touch the undersides of your discs before you burn them (afterward, it doesn’t matter as much)!

Thanks for keeping us updated Beeder :wink: