Performance on pcie sata controller


I have tested two pcie sata controllers with chipsets by asmedia and jmicron with two optical drives connected on each and latest drivers installed. When performed a transfer rate test (or performing a write or a verify operation) simultaneously on both drives they could not reach full speed. Is this something expected?


It´s not unexpected :\

I had this prob with JMB363. If I used one SATA-drive the drive often burned 4x instead of 16x. One time I burned with 2 SATA-drives I needed over 30 Min to burn a SL-DVD.

Other problems can also happen, my BH16NS40 freaked totally out on one controller, stopped writing and let hang up the PC x-times

Note: It´s not happen with every JMB, some cards worked, some not. Firmware was the newest I get for it

The cards which works best for me are older cards with Sil-Chips


I have a Silicon Image SATA 1 pci card which performs in the same manner. I was expecting better performance from ASMedia SATA 3 pcie cards.


I have PCI and PCIe-cards with Sil and all perfomed well for optical devices; but I´m not sure if I often try to use 2 drives at same time which are connected to same controller

Even SATA1 is much faster than 16x BD-drives need.

But some PCIE-cards simply don´t work good with some mainboards. One of my Marvell let my Gigabyte-Board don´t boot, my ASM causes Bluescreen on Hot Plugin


Could you try to use two drives at the same time? On the Intel on-board SATA controller all connected optical drives (I have three currently) can be used simultaneously with no slowdowns.


Do you have speed problems with read and write or only write?

Here´s a read test, both drives at same time on a Sil3124 PCIe x1 port, B150-chipset with a Celeron G3900


I noticed the problem while reading, but I think the same will happen while writing. I tried the latest drivers with no luck and I don’t see an option in the bios that could affect this.


You see, this combination works for me. But Sil is hard to find atm, JMB and Marvell is easier, but also more problematic

In my other PC I have an IBM Serveraid M1015, flashed to LSI 9211i, it worked also good for me with ODDs and HDDs, but not so good with SSD


I will try again the Sil3112 pci card that I have, but I doubt that it will work better. Tried it and read speed is really slow about 3-8X even with one drive connected.


That´s bad. Does it have a Raid or Non-raid-FW?

An other prob is the actual Mainboards don´t have native PCI-slots, PCI is connected via Bridgechips


Raid I believe.


Maybe it´s not optimal for ODDs?

I flashed all my Sil-cards to Non-Raid, when it was possible. Some cheap cards can´t flashed


I tried two ASMedia SATA 3 controller cards, a pcie x1 and a pcie x4 combo with two additional usb 3 ports. I tried them in the pcie x8 slot (that is usually supposed to be used by a second graphics card) and they both seemed to work fine (maximum read speed was with either card about x16 with two drives simultaneously connected and reading). Previously, I was using the cards in x1 and x4 slots. I hope this configuration does not affect the speed of the graphics card in the x16 slot (which shares lanes with the x8 slot).


Newer PCIe-revisions are fast enough with 8x to have no negative effects for the VGA-card