Performance issues after major hardware change

Hello everybody, I had a question. So today I finally swapped out my old cpu and motherboard and got a new graphics card and RAM as well (I was running on DDR3 before and now I needed DDR4). So I got everything up and running but I noticed that I am having performance issues when playing games. By all accounts I should be getting better performance based on individual parts being better then what I had Is this just a waiting game or is there something else I need to do? All my driver’s are updated as far as I am aware, maybe not the BIOS, that is just stock. Here are the details about what changed:

Cpu from Intel I5 4440 to a AMD Ryzen 3600

Motherboard from a MSI Z46 to a ARock B550M

GPU from a NVidia GTX 960 + 660 for PhysX to a Radeon 570

16GB DDR3 to 16gb DDR4

Thank you for your help!

There doesn’t seem to be much of a performance difference between the two video cards you referenced. If the video card is the bottleneck in your system then the CPU isn’t going to make much of a difference in your gaming performance. When running a game check your GPU and CPU utilization. If the GPU is running near 100% and the CPU is much lower then what I mentioned is probably the situation for your system.

What is the DRAM speed of the DRAM you got?
DRAM speed makes a big difference to Ryzen performance.
You should enable XMP for the RAM you have.
Goto the BIOS
OC Tweaker section.
Now load XMP profile, then save the BIOS.

Updated the Intel graphics drivers from device manager seemed to entirely fix the issue. I wouldn’t have thought that it would make a single difference but everything is running great now. If anyone would be able to throw me an explanation that would be great!

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