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PerfectRip C2

PerfectRip is the true cloning and ripping tool for exigent users. PerfectRip allows CDDA, CD+G, CD-ROM (incl. PSX+Audio) imaging with fully compliant cuesheet generation, making images ready to burn in Golden Hawk Technology CDRWin or any other cuesheet compatible burning program. PerfectRip allows above mentioned disc formats to be backed up in SlySoft CloneCD image style also.

PerfectRip can add a cuesheet for your ripped tracks too. PerfectRip features freeDB, creating directory structures based in artist/year/album to allocate your songs. It also has CD-TEXT detection and usage so you can decide between it and freeDB naming. PerfectRip accurately detects gaps (pregaps, pauses and indexes), so you can append them to none, previous or next track. PerfectRip allows you to rip to PCM files (headerless) for special purposes. PerfectRip lets you rip CD+Gs to separate audio and graphics files (wav+cdg) or rip to a single 2448 interleaved file per track.

Cloning and ripping…
PerfectRip gives you control over ripping speed and lets you increase it by supressing subs when you don’t need them. PerfectRip is able to tweak all copyright flags, including SCMS, so you can have the flag you want on the replica. PerfectRip lets you make full and proper use of the C2 pointer feature (“secure mode”) of your drive, giving you a report locating the exact offset of the error so you can mute, hold or average (linear interpolation) at post-processing stage. PerfectRip has a complete and open offset correction engine, it corrects main channel read and write, subchannel manual and auto and C2 report.

Manufacturer: H&H Softwerx
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/Windows 7
Version: 1.00b34
Manufactuer Website:
Download: here
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