PerfectRip finally released

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If you are a regular at CDFreaks, probably you already know about a new tool announced a long time ago: PerfectRip. But… what is it exactly?PerfectRip is a CD imaging and ripping tool. What makes…

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I never heard of PerfectRip before so please correct me if I am wrong: this tool creates an image of a CD and relies completly on C2 error pointers for spotting mistakes. In case that applies, I wouldn’t be too sure if the rip really is perfect because the majority of the drives available today do not report C2 errors in a 100% reliable way.

How does this compare to EAC?

Worst GUI I have EVER seen. If you want good ripping, use dBpoweramp R13 Reference (also great C2 support) with PerfectMeta (searches and compares meta data between 4 providers), supports accuraterip.

Really what it does better then EAC ?

Really what it does better then EAC ?
dBpoweramp does it better! Give the R13 beta a try.