PerfectDisk8 25% of coupon

This is my defragger of choice and they offer these 25% off coupons about once a year.
The other way I’ve found to get a deal on PD is when a version is being replaced, then there are rebates available.

There is a free trial period offered, so you can test-drive the product.

Excerpt from emailing :

"This is the “perfect” time for PerfectDisk 8 to bring your system’s performance back to its highest level and what’s even more important - keep it that way. With the special coupon code below, you can save 25% on all purchases made from the Raxco Online Store by Saturday July 28th.

With PerfectDisk 8, it’s like harnessing the speed of a new system forever. What makes PerfectDisk 8 so unique is its patented SmartPlacement technology. SmartPlacement not only speeds up boot-times and future defrag passes, but it also consolidates the free space into one contiguous chunk to proactively cut the rate of re-fragmentation by up to 90%. Other defraggers only react to fragmentation by attempting to fix the problem after it’s already occurred.

How else does PerfectDisk 8 compare to other defrag solutions: PerfectDisk Comparison Charts

Read what users are saying on CNET about PerfectDisk 8

Code PDSPEED can be used to discount PerfectDisk 8, both PerfectDisk Small Office Packs, PerfectDisk for Exchange, or to discount the PerfectDisk 8 Volume Calculator. You can also the code towards the PerfectDisk Rx Suite - Raxco’s “total PC health suite” designed for novice users who just want a simple way to keep their entire system healthy. What’s are the differences between PD 8 Pro and PD Rx Suite?

To take advantage of this special 25% offer, just follow the steps below before midnight on Saturday (7/28):

Purchase directly from our Online Store and enter and apply coupon code PDSPEED after filling your cart.
For volume purchases, use the PerfectDisk Volume Discount Calculator and enter coupon code PDSPEED in your cart.
If you already have a competitive defragger or a maintenance contract in place, contact me to trade up to PerfectDisk for less.
For enterprise license discounts, I can put you in contact with a member of our Enterprise License Team.

  • Code PDSPEED does not apply to previous purchases and will expire at midnight on Saturday July 28, 2007."

I can provide “contact info” if needed by anyone.