PerfectDisk 7 Proves That Diskeeper 7 NOT Doing A Proper Defrag

ummm i should buy one :doh:
but i don’t know… buy diskeeper or perfectdisk…
are there some testes?? around


‘Google’ - will give you lots of reviews and tests-

Let’s see… a degenerate program written by crazy alien-hugging scientologists… that might corrupt your hard drive.


A good program that is fast and actually defrags your drive.

Which would YOU choose?

Tried out PD. It seems to work pretty well :D.

Yo pd-

The more I use it - the more I like it - I now am into the ‘Aggressive’ Smart Placement - and it only takes a couple of minutes to do the defrag and the optimization-

I received my full version yesterday from Amazon - $31 shipped and a $10 rebate - much cheaper than either Diskeeper Pro or o&o - and does a very good - thorough job-


Do you have to keep saying the price? O&O is better thats why its costs a bit more

Let’s see… a degenerate program written by crazy alien-hugging scientologists… that might corrupt your hard drive.

yes that’s true!

Check out VoptXp … the best even beter than perfectdisk :slight_smile:

First I’ve heard of it. Got a link and/or any reviews?

With Firefox, highlight the word > right click > select search web for ’ xxx ’

It’s always kind of interesting to see these defrag discussions on basically useless programs. With NTFS the need to defrag all the time is long past. Everyone looks at pretty graphs and reads the manufactures hype on how their product defrags better. But is there a any performance gain? Will using one of these, especially right after XP’s defrag show some sort of meaningfully measurable advantage? No. Granted XP’s defrag is slow, but it does all that’s needed.

On a desktop system from the PC World office with a heavily used, never-defragmented hard drive, the lab conducted speed tests using a range of applications before and after defragmenting the drive with each utility. In the end, the Test Center saw no significant performance improvement after defragmenting with any program.

It’s always kind of interesting to see how certain people just like to go around shitting in other people’s threads…

…and if you believe/follow what all the PC magazines say instead of determining for yourself any benefit or lack thereof of some piece of SW/HW…i’m sorry…

I just tried O&O as I was having some fragmented System files after repeated defrag with Executive SW defrag. I have to say I am a convert. It is the best derfrag product I have ever used. Another good tip from CDFs! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes - many have said that o&o is very good too-

My latest finding with PerfectDisk 7 vs. Diskeeper 9 is the very significant difference in my backup files-

With Diskeeper 9 - the defragged ‘C’ drive backup was 13+gb

With the new PerfectDisk 7 - the defragged ‘C’ drive is now 10.5gb !!

Which means that PerfectDisks optmization and compression of the disk resulted in about 2.5gb more available space - and this being on a 40gb partition is significant IMO-