PerfectDisk 7 Proves That Diskeeper 7 NOT Doing A Proper Defrag


Due to the responses on this forum - and the reviews on Google - I downloaded the trial/evaluation version of PerfectDisk 7 and was totally blown away in the way that it handled the defrag and reorganization of all my harddrives-

Went onto Amazon site and am getting the retail PerfectDisk 7 package for less than $31 shipped!!

Think that it is going to be worth every penny-


well, nice to see someone who now knows what i’m trying to say:
diskeeper is not much better than windows standard defrag!

but, IMHO, O&O Defrag rulez! but i don’t have tested PerfectDisk myself, as i’m very glad with my O&O v8 / method: “Complete/Name” defrag…

/edit: just found the test from german (printed) magazine c’t (21/05) and saw that PerfectDisk was really good, even if O&O was a litte (little!) better…

I’ve tried both PerfectDisk 7 and Diskkeeper 9.

Diskkeeper is substantially ‘faster’, but as mentioned, it will typically take more passes to thoroughly defragment. PerfectDisk appears to do a better job of reorganizing freespace, but it’s not as complete as touted on their website. And, it does take a considerably longer amount of time to perform a defrag.

Funny thing is … Diskkeeper and PerfectDisk analyze the same hdd fragment state competely different reports. After defragementing wtih PefectDisk, Diskkeeper analysis will tell me it’s still 20% fragemented, etc. - while PerfectDisk graphic looks fine. Then, after defragmenting same disk with Diskkeeper (which will state 0% fragmentation), PerfectDisk shows a different story. Etc.

As Mike mentioned, PerfectDisk seems to do a better job of reorganzing free space. The one thing that’s missing is an actual tab (as in Diskkeeper) to show the analysis results - ie. you have to analyze one disk / partition at a time only if you wish to actually see the report.

I’ve been using Diskkeeper for several years. The strangest things that have happened are things like the taskbar going blank after scheduling boot-time defragmentation. It’s been a great program - esp. with the set-it-and-forget-it options and MFT configuration suggestions, etc.

I will give PerfectDisk a try for now. I can already see it lacks some of the features of Diskkeeper, and its interface could be improved. But, I’m curious how it will continue to perform.

Yo ninbang-

Like the way that you approach this with an open mind and with some sage analysis-

The other thing I found - was a noticable improvement in my systems overall speed - a good thing IMO-


Hey, Mike.

I’ve run a few passes of it, and I really like the way it ‘tidies’ up the disc. Diskkeeper never did that to full satisfaction - ie. in relocating the data bits together and consolidating the free space. Even using Free Space Consolidation method in Diskkeeper, it doesn’t come close to the results I get with one pass of PerfectDisk.

I really like how PerfectDisk allows you select files to exclude during the defrag (can’t remember if Diskkeeper has this setting - but it’s much easier to access in PerfectDisk). That’s handy and a smart feature. All the charts are nice eye candy as well. :slight_smile:

Even after a few passes of PerfectDisk, there still are fragments remaining. So, looks like both still require several passes (depending on the fragmentation state of the hdd).

For now though, I definitely like the way PerfectDisk manages the fragments and free space, so it gets my recommendation as well. :slight_smile:

So, if you tried both, which is lighter on cpu? My only gripe with Dk. is the occasional unexpected slowdown when doing something that needs lots of cpu cycles, like cd writing, and Dk fires up.

nice to see ppl giving PD7 a try :bigsmile:

Out of curosity, does anyone know how norton speed disk compares to these other programs you guys are talking about?

well, if i can believe what the german magazine c’t wrote in their comparison, Norton sucks!
it does not really defragment, the only thing it (very reliable :wink: ) does is putting all folders together in the very beginning of the harddrive.
but it does not really defragment your data nor does it clean up your free space…

Yea that kind of sounds typical for norton. too bad that is what I have been using, lol!!!

it’s never too late to see your own mistakes and start making a new and better beginning… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


The ‘old’ Norton defragging and disk optimization program was awesome - but that was over 5 years ago - and since then the Norton stuff has been garbage IMO - and when you try to remove it from your system - it is a complete bitch to get it out (must use a Norton ‘removal’ tool and lots of registry editing)-

Thank God that there are better programs like PerfectDisk 7 and o&o available-


@Mike: I went to the O&O site but I couldn’t find a price for the program, do you know how much it is and do you know anything about their cache cleaning program.

Yo alan-

When I went to the o&o site - it said that the o&o defragging program was $44.95-

I got my PerfectDisk 7 off of Amazon for less than $31 shipped for the retail box-


btw - I don’t know anything about the cache part…

Thanks Mike I am going to check Amazon.

Why do I get the feeling all these posts are made by people from Diskeeper, PerfectDisk, and O%ODefrag?

maybe because this are the 3 big (or at least well known) programs?!?

does everyone who says that he uses windows and is satisfied with it be a MS advertising employee???


Obviously - you do not realize that a forum is designed to discuss the aspects of a given subject and to share experiences with others-

I personally am not employed by any software company - (but - as my profile shows - am a self employed Real Estate Appraiser) and enjoy my membership and participation on these forums-

Your comment is neither justified nor appreciated-


bigmike7 I have tried PD7 but I dont understand. I thought the boot section should be near to the windows section for faster boot time.


You are kidding - right?