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Perfect Copy Beta 3 online.

Check the site for info on the new stuff in this beta 3. More interesting news is that Perfect Copy and our own…

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I have been to the link, build 3 is available only. If you click on the d/l link, you get an error server not found. any idea!!

No that is not true.
The one CDFreaks is talking about is Beta 1 Build 4. Tofay for about 20 minutes ago there was a new version released. Which is Beta 3 Build 1.
As for the server error, it is fixed now, i found a bug in the prog, so i uploaded a new one. So you ran into my troubles. All is fixed now and ready to GO

Best Regards
Electro Dude - Electro Voltage Software

& were the fuck is the link ???

oooooooooooopppppppssss nerver mind … hehe

Still getting an install error on this one, like all the other versions.

To Cheep. What does it say?
IF anyone Experience troubles with that Micro$oft setup shit, then E-mail me and i’ll correct the error.
New Perfect Copy Package has been uploaded and might correct the problems.

It makes it through all the shared files installation, then display a bunch of garbage and says “install error”. Every version you’ve released so far does this for me.

this sounds great! one question, tho…it seems that I’m running my comp at 1024 x 762 (give or take 10), and it seems that this prog just BARELY fits inside the window…does it fit inside smaller resolutions?
also: when is the cd copy protection detection function going to be added? I can imagine the usefulness of this for unlisted games…and, perhaps someday it will recognise PSX games, too…(detector)

No this doesn’t fit in a window with a resolution smaller than 1024768. Most of the people that play games a a 4mb graphicscard, which is the requirements for having a screen at 1024768.
Not that they can play games at 1024 with 4mb.
When me and Domin8tor is ready he will give me the information needed to accomplish our objective. And the conversion between his program will take less than a hour.

There is already an copy option for PSX. But it is still a little unreliable, but it will, as allways be improved.

Best Regards
Electro Dude - Electro Voltage Software

5160D sounds like an external drive. Why does it say “Internal 16X Super multi DVD Writer” then?