Perfect working images but can't burn


I can create perfect images of mafia and Battlefield 1942 that work in the virtual drive but when i burn them to cd they don’t work. Im running XP and a Samsung sw 240b cdrw any help would be great

Your writer doesn’t support correct efm encoding of regular bit patterns (i.e. it’s not a 2 sheep burner; in fact, I think it’s a zero sheep burner).

You can try using standard safedisc 2 settings with bypass efm error checked. It might work but with your writer will probably fail.

You could also try clonecd with emulate bad sectors. Perhaps you’ll have better luck with that option.


any success and i’ll report back

using alcohol 120% (1125) with EFM error bypass enabled you should be able to make a working back-up.
i made some working back-ups of various games with my zero sheep Sanyo writer using alcohol and the efm bypass option.
so i think that you should be able to do it too

I have a working virtual drive for Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.

I’m trying to find a way to use the image for a virtual drive in another computer short of using the original disc.

I know they use Securom protection, and I probably can’t make a working disc for playing, so I’m trying to move the virtual drive image to another computer?

Some how the right information is on the virtual drive. You would think there would be a way to burn it to a disc to recreate the same image on another computer.

Maybe Alcohol 120 can accomplish this.


@ Maelstrom

Whether by-pass efm errors will work or not with 1 sheep and no sheep efm writers is largely a matter of luck. Bypass efm errors and its equivalents in clonecd, blindwrite and cd-mate generally (though not always) work with one sheep writers such as most plextors but only sometimes works with zero sheep writers. If it works with your zero sheep writer, well and good but the odds are that it won’t with most zero sheep writers.

@ labjr

Burn the image files to a cdr/w as data files and then copy them from there onto the other computer’s hard drive. You should then be able to mount the image on a virtual drive so that you can install and play.

After several hours I managed to move the files to another computer.

I went into folder C:\My Documents\alcohol 120% found the MDS and MDF files for RCT2.

Burned both of them to CD, believe it or not, with Roxio.

Then I just copied them from the disc into the other computer.

The mistake I was making was to burn a copy of the image which you can’t do with SecuROM. You only end up with a cd that doesn’t work.

Just thought I would share this.

Of course It’s probably posted somewhere else