? Perfect working 1:1 Games?

Hi guys,

For some years now iám making backups of all the games I buy, and for years now i was able to succesfully make a backup of my games. Atleast that was what i wanted to believe :slight_smile:

My problem: When ever I make a copy of my game all seems fine. I am able to install with my copied cd/dvd. But when I try to start up the games with my backup CD/dvd it just wont start up. I get the famouse error: “Please insert the correct DVD”. So what i did all these years was replacing the original .exe of my installed games so i did not need my copied cd/dvd anymore to play.

My question: Is it possible to even make a perfect bootable, working copy of a game? A copy of the original cd/dvd with who you can install and actually start up the game with out replacing any original .exe files or what so ever? including no demontools or what so ever. A perfect copy like u buy them strait from the stores.

Can anyone give me an awnser on my question?

Edit: I’v bin wondering about this for some years now and have tried to find a awnser on my question. I am talking for example about C&C Tiberian Sun all the way up to Battlefield 2. My problem is not that i cant bypass the “unable to copy the game” protection, but “unable to start up the game with my copied cd/dvd” protection. I would appreciate if only people react on this topic who actually know the awnser, i have heard to often things like. “I think” or “U could try” etc etc.

Thanks for taking the time for reading my post.
Keep up the good work.


Actually that’s a problam which is only solveable withe either a crack for your game or somekind of .exe replacement. It’s impossible to make such copy since there’s a code in the cd(or rather game) which looks for one certain thing on the disk. That thing is not a file, as far as I know it’s on the disc like a scratch though it’s so small that you can not see it (most likly not a scratch but something placed on the surface of the disc by the machine that manufactured it). Since unvieable to our eyes it’s impossible to recreate it.

So in short: the answer is nope, you can not make a copy like that! Sorry dude!

Not going to happen…

Some copy protection is copiable BUT most are not.

Newer forms of copy protection use encoded sectors on the disc that have paterns that cannot be written by the CD/DVD burner. DVD protection is even easier as no DVD recorder can write in RAW mode to DVD’s, hence even the early forms of CD copy protection when moved onto DVD format work because they modify the sub channel data & this cannot be written back to a DVD.

Basically, the copy protection is doing its job by stopping you from playing the program from a disc thats copied.

Ahh, ok then, that was a clear awnser. Thanks for helping me out of my desperation ghehe :bow:

Think this is a problem that will get solved in the near future? :doh: or is it just impossible?

Thanks a lot for your times :smiley:


The work around already exists in the form of cracks that allow you to play from a copy or without the disc at all. I use no cd cracks now as I used to use the ones that allowed me to play from copies. I am renowned amongst my friend for not putting discs back in boxes/sleeves and so no disc cracks are great for me. Funnily enough I always put records back in their sleeves, go figure.

As to whether it will be solved hardware wise, I doubt it. Philips is being threatened with a law suit because of a DVD player that could be easily used to get round region coding, though it was taken off the market as it didn’t sell. Therefore I doubt DVD-RW manufacturers are going to put themselves at risk.

Not cracks, but patches. There is a difference.