Perfect Recording From Tunebite! No cut offs!

Simply use the Vorbis encoder and output to .ogg then convert them in auto mode it has nailed the past 5 songs at the exact same second.

Or use the manual method, which I heard also works better.

Dont you lose more quality by going to ogg then to another format, say mp3?

I notice no quality loss and if you are worried about it output max bitrate .ogg then conver to whatever mp3.

What do you use to convert ogg to mp3? I did a google and found several diffrent proggies so I’m just looking for experience.

I’d leave it as ogg but I have an ipod.

I use Advanced MP3 Converter because it was the easiest to find a ‘fix’ for :stuck_out_tongue: and it works nicely.

gotcha… :wink:


Manual seems to work best for me as well.

manual works great. best method:

  1. convert to ogg format
  2. convert to mp3 using advanaced mp3 converter
  3. import to itunes
  4. import to your ipod

I dunno but for me auto mode works better than manual =\

There will be some quality loss if you reconvert .ogg to .mp3. I am not sure why people aren’t just converting to MP3 and skipping the .ogg altogether.

Are you kidding? .ogg is nearly like a wav if you go high end bitrate.

Also if you go straight to mp3 you get loss of duration and way more clippings from begining / end.

I had forgotten about the clipping problem.

Yea major clipping problem. I tried it again straight to mp3 with the newest lame_enc.dll and it still clipped 15 seconds off the second song it was recording…

tunebite always cuts off the first 1 or 2 seconds of the song…which I must say is far more annoying than losing a second or two off the end. Anyone else experience this?

(yes, both ogg and mp3 mode and both manual and auto)

1-2 seconds as I have stated it ANY RECORDING software will do this, it just cuts out PURE silence ( the encoder actually does ) since that is what mp3 and ogg encoding are for. The only way to make it so it doesn’t is if tunebite allows you to output to wave.

If u batch process songs in Tunebite (even in manual mode) it cuts off first second of songs. If u just play one song at a time it works fine in mp3 mode (no need for ogg). I think the missed second might have something to do with Tunebite still finishing off coding and saving the previous song and not having enough time gap before next song starts.

I havn’t gotten tunebite to work well going straight to mp3 yet ^

what prob r u having with mp3 coding then?

No idea but whenever I do mp3 instead of .ogg it cuts off 15-30 seconds rather than just the 1-2s.