Perfect "HIDE I.P." software

This months study group is hiding your ip address while surfing the net !!

("Yeah right , you say !)

I have tried “GhostSurf” and its not bad but there must be a better program out there ?

I am looking for a program that will even fool Government agencies about ip addresses !

(no im not a criminal just looking for “advanced” programs designed to hide your ip address)

any thoughts appreciated !

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Well , my first thought (before editing your post ) is represented in the following link :

My second thought is , that you can’t fool government agencies. If they want you , they will get you. (Unless you’re Osama Bin Laden perhaps)

I don’t think there’s something like complete anonymity on the internet.
I like JAP.
Also is a good security related forum.

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[B]Well , my first thought (before editing your post ) is represented in the following link : [/B]
ROTFL :bigsmile:

hiding your ip address is the wrong way to seek anonymity. the trick is hiding who the ip address belongs to :wink:

Ummm, I don’t get it…dohhhh:confused:

Sorry Mr. Belvedere
I get a bit carried away sometimes!

thanks for everyones suggestions.

Also i dont get that cartoon either!:confused:

AOL is not big here!

The point of that cartoon is that if you type in all caps its considered as raising your voice to emphasise something when online.

so basically if i said HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Its considered yelling etc (and those who make the mistake of not knowing are considered newbies of which AOL is full of)

As for the topic there is really no way to get complete anonymity. If you were able to completely hide your ip address then there would be no way for the packets to get back to you (hence you couldn’t really use the net as it is)