Perfect Copy web site and v1.32 online

I just posted the article Perfect Copy web site and v1.32 online.

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The Perfect Copy web site is back online , With a new version of Perfect Copy (version 1.32). And if you where wondering…

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The next Version of PCC surely includes the scanner !

But there is a better tool than PCC !

Clone CD Database

It already includes the scanner …

And its more actual than PCC !

Take a look !

CU !


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I have never said that, the next release will be with the scanner. But here is a statement you can use:

The next (Perfect Copy 2000) will be with the scanner, that i can promise. I waited so that we could implement a scanner for the new version of Safedisc, i don’t think that CloneCD Database can do that. Perfect Copy 2000 will be sent to the betatesters first. That would include you N.B., or have you gone over to the Enemy. Anyway, the release after that will be webenabled, so that you can upload your results to our CDFreaks server. The server part of it isn’t done yet.

P.S. I don’t like people stealing my ideas. So from now on things will go fast around Perfect Copy. This is WAR.

Next month i get an ADSL connection, then i set up a Perfect Copy, server. Then i will Update the Perfect Copy everyday.

CloneCD Database is indeed a tread, and will be taken under observation.

Best Regards
Electro Dude - Electro Voltage Software ,in association with CDFreaks.

Perfect Copy 1.32 can be downloaded at the mainpage, Netdog. Just open your eyes

Best Regards
Electro Dude - Electro Voltage Software ,in association with CDFreaks.

Run over to the enemy ?

No, I am just testing every tool

And so I have found Clone CD Database …

And, am I really Beta Tester ?

Never got an version of PCC sended, or an mail, tell me I am a beta tester

Bye the way …

PCC is still a cool tool …

But beware of the Clone CD Database !

CU !


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PS: Eletro Dude …
Interested in exchanging banners ?
mail me !

Netbear, hit refresh once in a while

I think this program is a great addon to CloneCD. It will be even better when Copy Prot. Det. is implemented. Leep up the good work Electro!

Ps. I like the new site layout… really cool.
Ps2. I also like the FAQ (G@M3FR3@K)

why pfc 2000? i mean 2000 is passed for half already

Maybe …
But the author already has fixed everything !
And it´s not the burner !
More the used ASPI Layer !

CU !


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Sorry …

The author has already updatet the Clone CD Database

And it isn´t the burner !
More the used ASPI Layer !

CU !


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My question is for the Man Himself Electro dude?

  • is there any reason that non of the PCC have a unistaller associated with them. Even if you want to install a newer version on top of the old version it does not detect the older version and uninstalls it. I know your utility is pretty small but personally I don’t like just deleting things right off as oppose to properly uninstalling them. I have experienced to many registry nightmares for these leftover bits and pieces for programs that do not uninstalls properly. Please don’t get me wrong your utility is great but I think it would be even better if the user had a piece of mind that the regisrty is not getting mangeled everytime a new version PCC is released and the old version has to be deleted.

interceptor, I have the Plextor 8/20 SCSI with ADAPTEC 2940 SCSI CARD I have had no problem with this so called Clone Data Base! but mind you I don’t honestly think you are missing that much as even the lastest Clone data base is miles off from being UP TO DATE. I have contacted EB regarding some sort of manual with clone atleast! and I was told that while a detailed manual for Clone CD is available, it is only available in GERMAN! I really don’t know why no one has bothered translating it. If you can use PCC I personally think that this the only utility that you can find that is UP TO DATE comperetively. But then again with new protection like New Safe Disk with subcahnnel info, I would trust my own experience! Trial and erro never fails!

Perfect Copy web site and v1.32 online. Well I can’t find it and the Url is still the same as always. “after a little restyling we will be back on line”

I have an idea, only post an update when there realy is an update and don’t confuse people.


Clone CD Database - yeah Ok, it would be nice if it worked with my Scsi Plexor 32x read and 12x Writer. The CD scan is ghosted out. So to the peep who sumbitted the link to d/l this so called masterpiece, check whether it supports all drives which CloneCD supports. Dont waste everyones time with crap!

I am sure PCC will deliver the goods.

Until then keep yer so called helpfull comments to yer self, and if you lived in the UK I would kick yah arse