Perfect Copy or Perfect Suite



I just posted the article Perfect Copy or Perfect Suite.


@ the momment i’m very busy being a newsposter here at CD Freaks.

Also i’m a hardware tester at Hardware Online.

As the third thing i’m programming Perfect Copy & Perfect Suite, along…

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I just want a program to tell me what protection is being used on each CD and something that has all the settings saved into files for each type of protection that I can load into CloneCD.


Stay with Perfect Copy. It was a good program. But please keep the download size down because I remember Pefect Copy being 3MB without the Installer… :slight_smile: Just my 2 cents


Just make sure its better than the program going by the name of Clony, it tells you there are read errors on the cd when there are none present. Get it right please and you will have a sure winner with Perfect Copy :8






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I am logged in for a year, thanks for that info just tried it cheers :8