Perfect copy of Empire Earth!

I finaly copied empire earth.

cd wrinting drive : plextor 24/10/40 A
os : windows me
wrinting soft : clonecd

checked Read SubChannel Data from DataTrack
Read SubChannel Data form AudioTrack
Fast Error Skip
(Read retries : 4times , Error Correction : none)

checked Burn Proof
Amplify Weak Sectors
Always Cose Last Sessin

Good for you! :smiley: :confused:

Has anyone been able to make a copy of Empire Earth with a Liteon 24102B firmware 5s54 using Clone 3341. I have made six coasters. I have used the settings for both SecureRom New as well as Safedisc2 and even a combination of the two.
I have an Athlon 1G on a Abit KT7 running WIN ME. No problems burning Stronghold, Patrician 2, Ghost Recon and Flashpoint.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you positive it is a coaster? I found that I had to use Daemon Tools to get it to recognize the CD at all. I did NOT have to use AWS or hide CD-R, but I did use all the rest of Mizuhiro’s settings. However, the new patch with some games (EE possibly included) seems to detect D-tools and will lock up shortly in the game Single- or Multi-player. Diablo II exhibited similar behavior, and it does this on my friend’s rig too. We had to uninstall/reinstall to get 1.00 again.

Of course, I’m now rather sick of both Diablo II and Empire Earth. even TCP/IP with friends isn’t that entertaining anymore, I suppose I just dont like getting caught in a war of attrition. Such stalemates happen rather often in EE.