Perfect Copy NOW ready for download!

I just posted the article Perfect Copy NOW ready for download!.

Submitted by: Electro Dude 2

Here is the Full Package of Perfect Copy on a good server with no errors.

Sorry for the first release of the…

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is it legal?

it’s legal , because it s on cdfreaks !!!

stupid Q

Someone smart one day saids: “There are no stupid Questions, only stupid Answers.”

no rules!! pls

Hey Mandros, did you get dropped in your head a lot when you were a kid? That smart person that you are talking about said: “The only stupid questions are the ones that remain unasked.” Arse!

i heard a lot of crack & hack stupid guys to say sony is stupid i think stupid guys cant create great stuffs so shut up… do it better if u can, it’s easy to be a critic

Does anybody else have problems installing this? I get an install error every time.

Well I am just d/l, I will soon let you know if it works

Can somebody please explain me how the fuck this program works???
why can’t I copy cd’s with this thing?

That program realy sucks!
every lamer can build a program like that!

Damn this prog. is for babies! Thought it would have have to be something great!

This proggy is only intended to help Backupers, not intimidate them by calling them babies EEK.

That program realy sucks!
every lamer can build a program like that!

( Why haven’t everyone made any. Or have you got mad on me because i got the idea first. Shame on you EEK. What a bad L/N-ame (EEK).

I don’t think that it is all, there is sharing your thoughts, i got 17000 hits this week, after a program which in first round that didm’t work.

I Like critics but i don’t like that my fellow Burners are called BAbies.

Here we go again,
Just be happy about the program take it or leave it.
That’s all

Why don’t you losers fork over some jack for a real clone program! Go to and spend the money you stole out of your mom’s billfold when she was trancing on Captain Morgans! Recipe:
1 part CDRWin
1 part TDK CD-R Disc
1 part PicChip in Playstation
Bake in Burner at 4X for 15min and enjoy!
Don’t forget to return rental game.

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