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Electro Voltage Software and CD Freaks have agreed to join forces, and we will together proceed developing Perfect Copy 2000, a new version of this software that makes burning a CD as easy as baking…

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Ummm… I’ve never baked an egg, however, I do know how to boil one.

Hmm that’s good news…

Does it support OverBurning for a Sony-CRX100E??

Hopefully this won`t produce as many coster as CloneCD does. =)

That’s a good new but for the moment i can clone all CD with
the best one CloneCD

DC, and Quick, you dorks…Perfect Copy is a front end for CloneCD, it has configurations for making optimal backup copies of software using CloneCD

man, [DC]_ViRuZ and QuickJack are idiots. they think that perfect copy is a whole new copying program that will be a contender to clonecd. all it does it pick the options for you.

Heeyy Quickjack and [DC]_Viruz stop smoking Canavis Sativa get yours heads on the Planet

I wonder if electro dude got his free License that he so from Olli yet! he sure is putting a hell of a lot of work into it. Come On Olli give the guy a break. Don’t you think he deserves one???

Hopefully it will support my SONY CRX100E!

Where is the instructions to use perf Copy with cloneCD ??