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Below a message from Electro Dude, inventor en developer of Perfect Copy:

Hi Guys,

When i started a long time ago where…

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All we really need is a scanner to detect the kind of protection and then something which tells us what settings to use with the detected protection. That’s around all we need.

How 'bout a fast PC, so we don’t have to wait all fucking night until the damn CD is scanned

Still waiting for Perfect Explorer, sounds ideal but when will it happen??


Yo electro dude… when does this perfect copy releases. those are a awful lot of one days after the 22th of nov.

Does anybody knows where I can download PSone games, so i can copy them onto a CD
and play them in my PSone console?

Search for “psx iso” with google :slight_smile:

I guess when the going got though the Perfect Copy went home!