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First some things about the new perfect copy:

Latest Perfect Copy SR4 News:

Electro Dude:…

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I have not run these progams together. But I will just add that if you can get someone who knows a lot about Windows to fix your computer, you should have to do a full format and reinstall. Excepect for cases for major hard disk corruption.


Arghhhh… the message didn’t post properly.

It should read you should NEVER have to do a full format and reinstall.


Huh! It is good if I don`t download this becauese I have Win98SE! I like more CloneCD Database!


i don’t see any problems using PefectCopy, and i’m happy that PerfectCopy exists because my screen goes “blue” every time i launch CloneCD !

Using following:
PlexWriter 12/10/32A
Windows ME

bla bla bla


jeah, I have Windows98SE Fi and it crashed
don’t need format, reinstall be enough
SRIII is piece of shit, its a Jesus Christ


I have Win98SE and I installed MS-MDAC2 and SRIII, without any problems at all. I don’t know why anybody else has problems!


i’m running win2k, that work normally but sometime when i launch any prog that have nothing to do with, the perfect copy setup launch by itself LOL


I too got a crash with PC SP3…using W98SE…had to install W98 over existing HD…no data loss but a pain.


you should be able to fix this problem without reinstallation of windows just grab someone elses system.ini file and under dos replace yours windows after reboot windows will take care of everything for you. may have to have your hardware drivers handy though.


Clonecd Rulez!!!


Yes, my machine has spat it with the Perfect Copy and MDAC combination. As yet, I don’t know how I can fix the bloody thing. :frowning: