Perfect Copy may release Again

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In these last days we’ve heard that The Author of Clony XXL aren’t fit with himself making an English version of his util.

If an english version will not see the light of the day,…

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All I can comment on at this time, is that if you feel the need too release a program in English, and will incorporate all the latest features in the latest Clony XXL including a nice grapical interface, then go for it, I am sure the majority of users will agree with me. Just don’t take too long over it OK. Let us see a working release that does the job. :8 No further comments too add. GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

Sure Intercepter :slight_smile: And Happy New Year

go for it Zyron! :slight_smile:

I’m still using Perfect Copy - I prefer it to ClonyX(X)L anyway! I look forward to the next release. :7

Let’s hear it from the masses!

I’m glad to see that people are still using Perfect Copy eventhough the last version isn’t quite as Up2Date as Clony is in it’s newest state.

Why not!! Honestly, clony did a good job but the author think he can keep this version just for the german speakers, then he is very wrong. There are many hackers out there. No matter how you try to protect your german version, it will definitely be cracked as other shareware softwares. Secondly, I am sure there are some other rivals available. If there is a need, there will be a solution. If clony XXL is not going to release its english version, after the new perfect copy release, I am sure everybody will boycott Clony. Thanks Zyron. Man

I say yeah, go for it! As Man said, if they defeat one solution, somebody else will code a new one. But I agree with interceptor, forget clony’s graphics, just get a stable build out that does the job. :slight_smile:

Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll have to grab my gear (programming tools and sourcecode)at work, so i’ll start revamping Perfect Copy tommorow.

Good to hear Zyron… :slight_smile: Go for it! But please mind the filesize (I can remember SR3 was over 3MB without the installer!) :wink:

one further comment no German release 1st :8 u da man Zyron :4 GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!


Yeah! Go for it!

Just don’t let us wait for it for as long as we waited for the last version of Perfect Copy! :wink:

Nice to see someone isn’t lazy - maybe the Clony author is peeved at England winning in Germany 5-1… And talk about COPYRIGHT??? Well now, isn’t he just taking the biscuit??? UK Greetz… :8

I have to agree with the postings. For Clony to make a german version and forget about all it english speaking users is just wrong. Thankx Zyron I look forward to the release. :slight_smile:

Go For it!! zyron i just downloaded Clony XXL translated to english but thay say it is 90% engglish that isnt real i think is just 50% lol if later you need a translation for a spanish version just ask me!! im from puerto rico and my mother is a spanish teacher thanks!! ps>icq # 13050799 email thanks youuu:7

don’t use perfect copy, the last version destroyed my windows installation by installing some invalid windows libraries.Windows 98 crashed everytime when it started after the installation of this programme. I had to install everything anew. If you can’t write programmes, don’t do that!

Hey, WRfan, are you a nazi? :slight_smile: As long as the Zyron is going to support his released software, there shouldn’t be any problem. Like any available software on the net or on the market, crashing some people’s computers is a must (thanks to M$ ) Even clony hangs my systems occasionally and requires a cold boot. Other examples can be found in daemon-tools. But vomon and swenske do an excellent job and they fix it. Our ever loving Ollie releases new cloneCd whenever he finds a way to improve it or fixing some bugs. Look at it, how often he releases new versions. Of course, you can not updating your own version but many people do like to do like to keep theirs updated. A suggestion to Zyron: after you releases your new perfect copy, would you please setup a forum or etc so that people can report their difficulties in their systems. cheers Man