Perfect Copy goes Opensource

I just posted the article Perfect Copy goes Opensource.

To unlock the mystery about Copy Protection detectors, i have decided that Perfect Copy 2002 will be released under an Opensource license.

This will mean that every programmer may include the…

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Opensource and the GPL is a blight on the computer world

fb- you are always so negative in your posts and you have every right to be that. But I pity you and wish I could give you a Christmas present to chear you a little bit up. So do you actually have anything seriously against open source or does your stomach just hurt? Regards RubberDuck

What could anyone have against opensource? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Is there any realease date yet?

The only thing worse than the overall shoddy product of opensource is the community of short sighted zealots and anti-ms fear mongers that support it.

FB or may i call you Gates, Bill Gates.

fb- you judge a program by its users? Sorry? Your logic is where?

My stomache hurts alot but I don’t take it out on Open Source! I think fb posts what he/she does because it gets a reaction. =) Of course, it does show his/her intelligence… … The only thing worse then the shoddy product of opensource, is the bug ridden, not sure if you can trust the security, of closed source programs. Mainly in OS’s. Not to mention most people how don’t “get” the whole open source movement is people who need to use Windows OS’s because they can’t figure out how to make anything else work. if MS says it’s bug free and the best secure OS they’ve released then it must be good! thanks for the laugh…

Keep shouting at me. You are the perfect example as to why I labeled you as fear mongers and zealots.

nider , That is exactly what I expect from an open source zealot. Thanks. You insult the intelligence of people for using something other than your choice. You fear monger about the security of closed source apps. You finish if off by bashing microsoft and calling people that us their products stupid one last time. Typical.

It is a very good news, Zyron. Thanks for giving out your source code. I think Perfcopy will migrate to Linux after the release. Not too sure if there is any CCD equivalent on the market. I am thinking about Ollie. I have heard he will add similar built in function to CCD but if Perfcopy is open source, it may speed up his process of releasing built in CloneCD by incorporate it into his source code. One question to Zyron if you know the answer: When perfcopy becomes opensourced and widely adopted, will Cd protection companies like macrovision exploiting the weakness of your code to change their protection. For example, in secrom new, instead of sint*.dll , can they change to some random filenames so that it makes the detection program be impossible to detect? (well, Clony is on the net for sometimes, I wonder they didn’t change it for some reason) To: fb I am not trying to criticize your opinion on open source. I just would like to know your reason behind. I am sure you have your own reasons or past experience again open source. Could you share it with us? Perhaps, there is points we didn’t see. ========== I went back Clony’s polling ezboard and found most of posts have been deleted. I feel sad for Em because he can’t stand for any negative opinions. I hope everybody before raising a stake again fb, you should listen to his opinion and have an open heart for different people’s different point of views, even their opinions are different to yours and the mainstream. Man :slight_smile:

fb- Do you use Deamon tools? 'cause they made it because the safedisc deprotection scheme was open sourced. I don’t know what you have against open source. People can only make it better, not worse. And I believe M$ has the biggest FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) dept. in the software industry.

I am NOT an open source zealot. I have no problems with proprietory software. I just have problems with buggy software the gets pushed on us.

FB: U just don’t get it. We aren’t mad on U We aren’t shouting of U, we are just showing U the light.