Perfect copy combination?



Hi there, since there's no cd-writer that supports Raw reading/wrinting and reading digital ID-code, for copying protected cd's

there must be a solution i think

that the cd-writer supports reading/writing raw, and the reader supports reading the digital ID-code.

Has anyone a suggestion which writer/reader combination I can buy the best.

It's a must that it can also read audio at higher speed and also write at 8x perfect audio and rewrite is also a must.

Thankz for any tips,


well, if you’re looking for a combo for clonecd support they advise a toshiba dvd reader and a hp9110i (hp 9200) writer.
toshiba has an 8xdvd/40xcdrom drive…


Does the toshiba 8xdvd/40xcdrom drive extract audio at a higher rate and is the quality good???