Perfect Copy: CloneCD Edt Beta 1 online

Why does the download of part 5 and 6 not work?

Hey I have d/l the beta version, and used the required .dll, no such luck

Stop winding everyone up and release a good copy on Monday, like you said


Can anybody send me these Parts?

Lets hope than on Monday, which was the orignal release date, we will get the full working prg

Monday then?

I have tried, but no luck.
No respons for the maker of this proggie.
Only if you make something, do it right to let people test it please make a Runtime.

greethings Crumpy

Hey, All I wanna know is why you guys are putting so much effort into trying to get this program to work??
I mean CloneCD works great. There’s a working serial for the latest version at so I don’t see why your all putting so much effort into this program which obviously from all your comments has some sevre problems.

well, what to say… today after installing that lame vbasic addon my clonecd has been fucked! No CDROM inserted! (EVER!) I had to reinstall clean the .reg and reboot! And as some1 wrote whay we need this kinda program when EVERY cdrom works fine with all parameters activated?!

As they say IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!! I have tried everything that every one had suggested to get this utility working and to give it a fair chance, but it is not happening! I guess somethings are better left alone ! An Absolute WASTE of TIME and EFFORT!

Need Drivers