Perfect Copy 2000 SRII close to release

I just posted the article Perfect Copy 2000 SRII close to release.

Submitted by: Electro Dude

Hi, now the Apache and Ftp server is up running & operational. This will be the last newspost before Perfect Copy 2000 SRII is…

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copy copy copy copy

Will it be able to bypass the new SecuRom protection??

and why should i choose this against CloneCD ?

You don’t choose it AGAINST CloneCD, you choose it WITH. It’s a very well done product and can be quite useful. Check it out.

Yipee yahoo I meen yahee

Great news for all burner freaks. Wait untill you see the copy part online I’m working on it roght now!

Greets :smiley:



damn !!

SR1 doesn’t run on win2k
I hope SR2 does

The perfect copy 2000 download does not exist{!!!?


SR1 runs fine on Win2k…

Finally, SR1 was good, but i really miss a live update feature!