Perfect Copy 2000 SR4 Coming up



I just posted the article Perfect Copy 2000 SR4 Coming up.

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Hope this will be released soon and we all can enjoy the benefits of Perfect Copy 2000…

I see that Perfect Copy 2000 is…

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do you really think this can beat the perfect clone cd?
what about this batch process?
new one but last has been released few das ago.


Why even try to beat CloneCD, if i where them i would ask the makers of CloneCD to make a special edition of CloneCD especially for !


Why does everybidy STILL think that Perfect Copy is a replacement for CloneCD? It is NOT! It’s simply an add on to help you get the right CloneCD settings for each game. These batch files will come in handy when you want to help a friend out for instance. You can mail him the batch file and when he executes it, CloneCD will start (he has to have it installed of course) and the right settings will have been selected.

Ok, people?