Perfect Copy 2000 SR 3 out now!



I just posted the article Perfect Copy 2000 SR 3 out now !.

Submitted by: Electro Dude

And there it is, the long awaited Perfect Copy SR 3,


Perfect Copy 2000 SRIII is ready for download on my…

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Good enuff, but why is it always impossible to download this magnificent helper app?..same as always with this dude´s website, nothing´s working, timeouts when you try to download…i want this one, it´s so great!!! Gimme gimme gimme:-)


Download working fine with me, 150 Kbs…


For me too. I installed it and it worked great. Here’s the changelog for release SRIII:

Request: I need a Database updater
Added: DiscGuard detection
Fixed: Layout.
Added: Read history.txt on init.
Added: Forced downloading of updatefiles.
Added: Registry settings, onlineupdate settings.
Added: Onlineupdate functionality (OnlineUpdate window, Status window)
Added: Perfect Insertion Point Technology (Copyright Electro Voltage Software).
Fixed: gamelist display alphabetacally.
Added: Accces based gamelist.
Added: Insert button for for insertation Capabilities without Access.
Added: Delete button for deletion Capabilities without Access.
News: Perfect Copy Team expands.
Added: Edit Features button for Editing old gamesettings without Access.
Added: Live Update Capabilities.
Fixed: Numerous amounts of bugs.


It does not work correctly for me in win2000. The intallstion gives me an error about a .dll that cannot be updated, and when I scan a CD and click to see the info about the protection it says “burnprog.text” was not found.

I have ran the win2000 installer priop the instalation.


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hehe, anyone got this also? or server maybe overloaded?


At this moment it is still working… 23.00 Dutch Time.


uhhhhh…what happened the PC 2000 SR 2 ?


Great software but unfortunately no go with Win2K.


Hey What happened to Perfect Explorer, was dated for release today