Perfect Copy 2000 is out

Can’t get it reconizing eiter
Are there any solutions yet?

By the way visited CDfreaks for a long time now,
But never reacted before and I’m surtenley not the “first” !!!

this is a great program, but a few bugs need to be ironed out in the next releases…(namely crashing unexpectedly while Scanning discs and Searching for the clonecd exe)…and there are a couple other little nitpicky issues, i.e. the error given when trying to delete an item from the History section…but…BUT!..this is a very good program, and certainly has potential I canned my other scanning and cd burning assist. apps and replaced them with this one…it’s great!!..and if you can kill those lil bugs in it, we’d have a serious prog on our hands :smiley:

Anyone Downloaded PC2000 Yet?
Link Was Dead When I Tried.

I did…it’s GREAT!!!

yup I cant get it to find the clonecd exe either

I’m aware of the bugs, and will fix is ASAP.


Excellent site chaps, been looking for over a year now.
Keep up the g/work.

Why wont perfect copy find my clonecd.exe file ???

You have to copy the folder “Clone CD” from the program folder,and than paste in to the “Program Files” folder.Than it will find the exe file.

I’m aware of the bugs, and will fix is ASAP.

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