Perfect Copy 2000 is out

I just posted the article Perfect Copy 2000 is out….

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Perfect Copy 2000 is out!
What more can i say!

Nothing to add, get it from the URL as stated above…

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i’m not one of the reply freaks, but i thought that it would be cool to be first, it is my first time and i just wanted to thank everyone for all your support

We got a Friends freak here…

Welcome 2 the club…chalander

Perfect Copy 2000

Its: Chanandler Bong
Kewl program!
But I miss the Forum!!!

cant get it to detect .EXE file !!! Any ideas

Actually it is Mrs Chalandler Bong!!!

fijn de kleuterschool is weer open…

There is a ll bug in PC2K if “Burning prog support” isn’t correct and you press “custUm settings” (isn’t it custOm?) the program will crash with a error 5

Anyway keep up the good work! TnM (RU)

You made me wanting to see that episode again
(altough i am sure it was Miss Chanandler Bong, i have seen it twice)

Thanks for the release man :_)

When are th forums coming back?

Yeah, when are they comming back ??

Yeah, WHEN???

Yeah guys when ???

Oh sory for not being polite,
Mrs Chalandler Bong!!! :wink:

The correct name is Mrs. Chanandler Bong… I have the episode on tape and I checked… So give it up…

Who is Mrs. Chanandler Bong? Is it some person from a comedy show or something ?

A famous porn star perhaps??

Can’t get it to recognize the .exe file. If I type it in by hand it works, but it doesn’t save it.