Perfect CD ripping on a Mac - impossible?



Well, I don’t think it’s possible. As far as I know, there is no Mac software that allows for read/write offset correction when ripping, copying, or burning CD’s.

Doesn’t this literally mean that it’s impossible for Mac users to make bit-perfect rips of their audio CD’s?

I hope I’m wrong… But from all the research I’ve done, it just seems like nothing exists for them. :frowning:



iTunes will not do it?



No, I don’t think iTunes was designed with quality in mind — more about selling music and making a “handy” application for the average Joe. :rolleyes: Plus, there’s no error correction scheme in iTunes…


The closest things are:


Neither has the ability to set offsets, but they use cdparanoia error correction, and that’s better than nothing.

Also, I heard that EAC will run in VirtualPC. Not sure about Parallels.