Perfect burn

Menorex-branded MCC05
32x DVD+R burned at 12x with Flextools Pro
PX712a FW1.07

My best burn yet

oh oh it’s the first april

LOL… 32x DVD+R


Anyone remember the wonderful Kenwood TrueX 72x CD-ROM drive that read with bunch of lasers at once? Would be nice to have such thing for DVD burning.

Hm… I didn’t even know that would be possible :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand PX716a firmware 1.97 will be out in a few days to burn it at this speed. Only to XL users, though. Check Plextor’s site hourly for 716 firmware updates.

I heard it went crazy and started firing laser beams at Commander Data. Later analysis showed it had somehow evolved into a lifeform and was just defending itself from cheapo Princo media.