Perfect 1:1 Copy using Decrypter

Is there anyway i can backup some of my DVD’s without using a transcoder say just using DVD Decrypter or AnyDVD and then use a program like CopyToCD or Nero to burn the perfect 1:1 copy providing it’s small enough to fit on the DVD-R I’m saying movie-only no extra’s.

There is no such thing as perfect 1:1 copy, but the closest you can get to it, provided you are using media of enough capacity, ie, Single Layer to Single Layer, or if you have the $$$ to do Double Layer to Double Layer, than just use DVD Decrypter in mode ISO Read, and then use the result ISO in mode ISO Write.

Look at the setting of ISO Read and ISO write to make it as 1:1 as you possibly can or want.

In Decrypter,
Go into Tools>settings>File Mode, and select “Main Movie” on Startup Select Files.
Then Read ISO >Write ISO