Perfect 1:1 copy of Thief: DS.... yep ,copied CDilla's newest baby!

I made a perfect copy that doesnt require any emulation to play off of the cdr in either one of my burners(TDK 241040A and a LiteON LDW-851S, and have no ATIP hiding software installed at all,…Alcohol,CloneCD ,ect.)
All reading and writing surprisingly, was done with the LiteOn Dual DVD burner. Extraction was done with Blindwrite, no subchannels ,nibble at 4x in the LDW-851S to make a perfect image dump.
Then used BWAbuilder to make a .BWA file that is created in the same folder as the image of the cd was dumped in. Read speed at 1x took about 30 minutes.

Started up Blindwrite and went into cd burning wizard…selected the image file on the next page… I just made(the only one visible in that folder)
And then had the image tested on the next page…if you immediately see a message in the log window on the bottom of the test screen… that states “physical data found…use DOA-pw or pq…”
that means you have the BWA file you created , placed in the right folder to build a copy of the cd with

After it finishes testing the image click next and choose DOA-pw at 4x for write mode and speed respectivily. ( only visible with a blank cd-r inserted in the drive) I used Maxell CD-R 700 min. cheapos from Wally world.
and in 16 minutes i Have a perfect 1:1 copy of the new Securom 5 that installs after completely removing all previous file, registry entries,ect of Thief:DS beforehand(twice actually once on both burners)and installs just like it did the first time I loaded it up after getting it in the mail.
I tried a bunch of other ways and made alot of coasters…And this is the only thing that worked. That DVD burner was the best $100 I ever spent on E bey.


CDilla??? I thought that was Safedisc ;o) …And how many twinsectors do you have??? You can find it in your log…

As I know only the Plextor Premium can make a “perfect” securom copied cd without any twin sectors

SafeDisc is made by Macrovision and CDilla.:slight_smile:

Is Blindwrite still installed?