Perchè mi hanno bannato da napster?



Perchè sono stato bannato da napster? qualcuno mi puo’ rispondere? Spero che ci sia un modo per riregistrarsi,ho provato a cambiar nome, ma niente, sapete consigliarmi? oppure esiste qualche crack??


Non e’ che hai scaricato canzoni dei METALLICA ??
Se e’ così visita questo sito per avere spiegazioni.



Il rimedio ci sarebbe.Leggi un pò qua…

Banned in Napster ? Log in again !
Posted by CD Freaks on Friday 12 May 2000

Submitted by: Redd Ears and lots of others ! Thanks all !

Banned in Napster by Metallica? Here’s the solution:

Unban yourself while still using Beta 6!

  1. Uninstall Napster
  2. Click on
    Start, Run, type in regedit.
    Navigate to this key:
    Delete the Napster folder.
  3. Now do a search (ctl-f) in the registry for these things one at a time:
    Delete every instance that you find of these keys. Hit F3 to continue searching. There are about 3 or 4 instances of each of these keys.
  4. Reboot your system. (just in case.)
  5. Reinstall Napster Beta6 and choose a new username and password.

Dark_Claw submitted another solution:

A program named NapHack was just released to allow people back on to napster. It will also let you have Metallica Mp3’s too. I have not tried it, so I don’t know if it really works. Download at your own risk.


Ok, risolto grazie!


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Topic: This is for every1 who’s banned from using Napster
There’s a solution on this site: