People who know what CUE/BIN files!

Hi!I have a tough question that only the more experienced users
would know the answer to.

How do you compile a bin/cue sheet?

I have a file thats split,and I think you first have to use Winrar,but allI see in the first volume is a “bin” file.

Actua;lly every volume except the last volume contains a bin file.
The last volume has a cue AND a bin file.

The problem is,I CANT seem to extract or process all the volumes
and make a cue sheet.

The sfv file tells me all volumes are good!

I dont know what to do-Please somewone help!!

Assuming the rar files are a backup of your original that for some reason cannot be used anymore and not an illegal download, you have to unpack the rar files first, for this try the latest version of WinRar.

After it has been extracted you should end up with both a cue and a bin file. If you cannot extract the rar files, you might be able to fix it somehow, for that I suggest you use this forum’s search on ‘rar AND fix’.

Once it has been extracted and you are still without a cue file, try a program like winmage or Isobuster (use search for tips on either program) to extract the bin file and burn the separate datafiles onto a CDR.

Make a new folder,use winrar to extract the rar file to the new folder(right click on the rar file,left click on extract file,then select the new folder and click ok)

Next install daemon tools,now right click on the daemon tools,goto virtaul cd/dvd rom,then device E,F(whatever the virtaul rom set too)then mount image,now find then folder with the bin/cue and click the cue file,ok and your done.

Goto My Computer then the virtaul rom and run the programe/game.

To burn just do a copy on the fly using CloneCD.Set the virtual rom as reader and then burn.


Hope that helps,Later…