People wanting help with illlegal software?

Hi all,
In my time here (it hasnt been long :p) I have seen so many thread saying: I downloaded this game, how do i get it to work? and Where can I download game *****? Why do people assume as people talk about copy protection ect here that they will help them use illlegal software? Don’t they see the big thead @ the top of most of topics called Rules? Sorry if this has been discussed before.

You can get the answer to any question here whether you’re using it for illegal purposes or not. Although, you have to choose your words carefully. Depending on what you’re asking and how blatant you are about what you’re doing will depend on the answer you get.

As soon it is clear the question is related to illegal activities, there is no room for ‘the benefit of the doubt’, the appropriate moderator or administrator will edit/close/delete the topic.

When someone says he downloaded a movie, it could also be a trailer that may be distributed freely. When someone says he downloaded a game, it could also be a legal download. However, when someone says he downloaded ‘I, Robot’ or ‘Sims’, we all know for sure that these are not legal downloads.

Sometimes it is a thin line and sometimes the mod/admin does mistake himself and closes a legitimate thread. In this cases you can always contact the mod/admin (or go higher up in the chain) and explain the situation. We are also human, but in most cases our experience on this forum proves us right.

But it is definately frustrating to see people practice hit-and-run tactics on this forum with blatant violations, such as requesting cracks and/or serials…for these people I have little sympathy and can, as far as I am concerned, be banned permantly from this forum instantly…but our policy is that a ban is the most extreme punishment and only exercised in serious (recurring) violations…

You are very good with your words, Tax :slight_smile:

can a mod ban somebody?

Thanks, had a lot of time to practice here :wink:

Don’t know for sure, but one PM to an admin will be sufficient if he cannot himself. In the admin forum there is a very large thread on bad users…2 actually.

Ooohh! Am I on there? devilish grin

And when a person becomes a mod, and gains access to the mod forum, do you guys quickly delete all traces of bad-sayings of that person :p?

nope. some mods have even been banned themselves :smiley:

Im involved in 2 other forums admin\mod and i can give one reason why this question is asked even if the poster sees the rules because i have been told a few times in PM after closing posts.

I knew it would be closed but by that time someone will either have answered or they will pm me the answer

Im not saying this is always the case but it happens a few times …

It happens, usually most forums won’t let mods or super mods ban but this varies.

I am here to help and learn NOT to post cracks, warez nor to encourage it, but if I am aware that the person has an illegle copy I will not help, but as pointed out this isn’t always the case.

As for illegle downloading…come on, if you own a computer you’ve done it, I think the differnce is what youd o with them? I like it for demo reasons, since I get to play the whole game and see if I like it, or hear the song etc. but I do buy all of my stuff and that’s what people should do. It maybe technically illegle to download, but if it’s for educational/demo purposes - I don’t see a problem with it, however THEFT I do have a problem with and many do it to steal.

which mods have been banned? what did they do? :slight_smile:

sounds like a search button topic to me

Yep, there is nothing wrong with sampling something IMO. I liked some games so much I went out and bought them. If I didn’t like it I erased it.

I am very picky when it comes to game sin general, I despise all/any FPS. I only own a few startegy games, thats all. And 2 gore games.

My list of games is a total of 8 games, and 4 of them are expansions of the previous cd.

despise fps? i think im done helping you :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand. I live in America and there’s a catch 22 in our laws. You may have one copy of software/whatever you legally purchased but you may not bypass the copy protection on a movie dvd you legally purchased to make the one working copy. We just had that ruling not long ago against 321Studios in a California court.

Understand I’m not trying to cause any flames, just trying to understand.

How do we talk about AnyDVD when we know some member/mod is from America?

AnyDVD is copy protection bypass software… it’s illegal in America. How do we justify this?

I have AnyDVD myself… don’t misunderstand. :slight_smile:

Brooklyn USA, I’m over in Jersey xtacydima :smiley:

I spend about $100-$150 a week on DVDs, Games and Music and buy from Amazon - so I have a little more than 8 games and 4 CDs but as I said I do buy them. I have no probs with modchips simply because they play your “backups”.

Hi custer na you’re not starting a flame, we’ve talked about that before. Our laws are a bit odd - that’s the DMCA it is illegle to bypass copy protection and 123 is a perfect example even their silly backup warning didn’t save them (i.e. why I think disclaimers of any type may even harm you as it was admitting what it was doing) better off NOT saying anything!

Ironically in some European countries like where CSS was cracked it was ruled legal…go figure! The RIAA hasn’t helped anyone, in fact they’ve harmed the industry they are trying to protect, music sales are dropping because consumers do NOT like being treated like a bunch of babies and do NOT like to see grandmothers go to jail. It’s all fucked up !!

People want Illegal software, and other copyright material, because the companies producing charge far too much for them. The argument regarding royalties and research are fruitless as the same amount of profit could be made by reducing the price by two thirds and selling four times as much. The problem is “Free Market Enterprise” whereby the product is priced for maximum profit at minimum effort. The less effort the people at these companies do the more they get paid and the folk that do the real business get peanuts. The response to overpricing is the Black Market, it always has been and it is time for prices to come down. P2P is simply an act of protest and most people who download also buy many of their games cd’s and videos. Greed Breeds Greed and the greedy cannot condem the greedy nor the needy.

KingLui is absolutely right. Go slower and you reach far. That should be followed by the manifactures.

And an academic question: the market is full of DVD-R, +R, etc. Why? To store data on DVDs like on CDs?
Well… everything is correlated.

Anyone interested in the subject of copyright should read this link…

Copyright law is the only part of the constitution with a stated purpose.
“to promote the progress of science and the useful arts.”

Any use of copyright that does not conform to that purpose is null and void.

“The stated purpose of the ((new)) law is to “compensate” musicians for home copying. But the law diverts 57 percent of the funds to record companies and music publishers, leaving less than half for the people who participate in the creative process. Most of the remaining funds will go to musical superstars and thus do little to encourage or assist musical creativity.” -wired

This new law goes against the law upon which it is based, much like tax law (Amendment 16 vs. Article 1).

This country’s laws contradict themselves entirely too often.
No wonder the 2 million users with 1.2 billion files don’t respect the copyright law.

The laws in the US have some major issues to work out.


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