People using PRINCO DVD media on theirs DVR-107D

I would like to know wich NIL`s firmware does a good job on them at 8X.

Tried last one (1.18) and its not working good, sometimes does not even start writing, long lead out times, long lead in times, hanging PC, etc.

Could anyone share its experiences?


Princo only works for me using Instant DVD/CD and 4X.

I don’t advise trying to burn faster than what its rated of using Princo.

Nero6 already made 8 coasters.

I have burnt 3 spindles(50) of Princos with my 107D, with out a coaster so far.

45 of the first spindle where burnt at 8x with NIL`s 1.16 firmware, I have since changed over to Gradius’s firmware, and have been limited to 4x for the last 2 spindles.

The 107D is the only device on the IDE port, and I never burn on the fly, and always burn the images with Nero 6.

The media is the A Grade with the writing on it.