People that inspire you

Well I’m starting another one and this time it’s people that you get inspiration from this here gal is something else ,she’s blind but makes quilts.

No Body


People that you don’t like

I thought she was the one I had watched on Texas Country Reporter even before I checked the YouTube. I watch TCR weekly. Some very interesting people live in Texas they usually have three per episode.
Unfortunately they don’t show episodes on their site.
I’ve always liked John Wayne . I bet that’s not a suprise.

No it’s not my Dad was a big fan of the duke.He watched every movie he made.Dad had lighters with the duke on them,a couple knifes,a hundred vcr’s and my dad smoke camels shorts no filters.And you know who sat right there on the floor watching them too.And I’m still looking for the picture of me wearing a coon skin hat, yes I had one too.I don’t know but this is the wrong post but no one seems interested in role models hey.