People! Tell me about Warezmaffia?



So what’s the deal with ? Are they reliable? I understand there were some problems with orders some time ago? I’d like to order some TeRaX DVD-rips there soon so can anybody give me some info about these guys? Thnx…


They are absolutely trustworthy…Scarface does a great job…Go and Buy there…

(By the Way…Those TeRaX DvDRiPz RoX!!!)



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Warezmafia Rulezzz…


Scarface walks funny :wink:
But he is trustworthy…

ookal beste ik never geen warez ofzo maar goed…


Warezzmaffia is today better than a lot of time ago …
And a lot of time ago, warezzmaffia was already a great group!
The best has perfectioned himself, so
today Scarface is the best of the best



PPL thanks for all your nice replys!, I dont say we are the bust, but believe me, we are fast good and reliable.!

EJ HolMez! gozer!! volgende keer ben je dr weer bij eh!(Hoezo walks funny, ghehe?



so again, maybe I’m the (only) one with probs, but:

I made bad experiences with warezmaffia, 'specially the xmas offer.

I did not get a replacement for it and the delivery took about 14 days, that’s for “speed” delivery.

Obviously they are not interested to correct the mistake nor do they answer private mails anymore.

But anyway, I may be the only one with that kind of probs :frowning:



They are good, trustable, fast and reliable.
They wont rip you off!!!

Believe me.


Thanks for the reply everyone!
Now I’ll just have to hope Warezmaffia didn’t hire you all to say those things


Nop, you can be sure, they didn’t hire all those men


We do not HIRE ppl to tell this, we just sell GOOD products, and we are reliable.

To mr Dragon, I Think u use the wrong mailadres, mailto !
Thats the only email adress of us, because we HAD NO! mail from you yet!!!




Hi Scarface,

ok, mail posted to this adress …

Let’s see, if there will be any reply this time …



I have nothing to tell again, so I rest here in silence, between the ppl that tell good about Warezzmaffia
BTW, I have puntually received the latests stuffs from Jr. Scarface also this month


I´ve ordered 2 times at warezmafia and I got my stuff fast and working !



Hi again,

I posted 2 mails to and no reply.

So just stop saying I should post to the proper account, you’ll don’t answer anyway.

I don’t like this kind of business …

Nevertheless, people: Go buying at warezmaffia if ya like, there are always some lucky customers, I am the ONLY one??? with bad luck, yeah and my grandman is BATGIRL, for sure

This suxs



I don’t know what your problem is.
When I mail them I always get an reply,most of the time the same day.I mailed them this afternoon and I’ve already got an reply tonight.So WAREZ-MAFFIA Rulezz



theres alot of boot licking in here


Hi to all.
I think that the problem of Mr. Dragon may be the mail!
For example, a lot of messages and ALL the attachment sended by me thru YAHOO service, from some time ago to yesterday, was lost!
This may be a consequence by the hackers’ attacks to Yahoo and other services some time ago …
However, Mr. Scarface is strong enough to continue to reply me also in Yahoo



Yeah, i dont know what his problem is either…he already has received a reply on his mail, so this Topic is closed by now, ok?




hmm…ik wil altijd ut laatste woord hebben scar…weet je tog…