People posting Nero serials in log files

Just to remind everybody that when you save the Nero log file and post it, remove the serial number (near the top) first. Of the logs I see here, I would say that most of the ones posted by newbies included there serial.

Could somebody please put a reminder of this in the rules.

Ben :slight_smile:

Spoilsport! :smiley:

tbh i actually had no idea this was happening, what good eyesight you have young ben!

Newest example was only yesterday HERE, a newbie needing legitamate help, clearly forgets to remove there serial from the log (some people dont notice it is there).

Not only does it mean people can get Nero 6 serials free (could get the forum into trouble for warez), it could also result in your serial getting blacklisted by Ahead.

Ben :slight_smile:

It is dumb to post your serial, but not illegal.
But thanks for letting us know, we can help newbies in this respect by editing the message (as Liggy did in the above-linked post)

Another thort: if seen, dont meation it? People that scan-read thro logs might not see it?


Better yet: if you spot one, drop a note to one of the Moderators/Admins so they can remove it!