People Killing People And Say That Are Doing In The Name Of Relgion

God help this world understand that you do not want people killing people in your name

Here we go with another f***ing political/religious thread…Samlar, join a damn political forum or something, seriously dude, geez!!! I’m sick of this shit dragging down the forum.

The thread does not break the forum rules and we don’t believe in censorship.
You are invited to make your opinions known in the following thread ->
Flaming and the use of bad language wont however help. :cop:

Whatever, I’m not flaming Dee…This is another thing that has made part of this forum suck. Maybe you guys should discourage political/religious discussion, it just keeps things simpler. Anyway, take care, I wont be around much anymore.

I know this forum doesn’t censor but perhaps some members are unaware of the recent complaints that MANY others have shown regarding religious/political content.

it might have been a better tactic to direct samlar to the thread where people have expressed their disinterest and dissatisfaction with the volume of political content in case he was unaware.

@samlar, I’m not trying to flame or censor or anything, just thought I’d let you knwo what others have been thinking about the increase in threads of this nature/content lately.

if you were already aware, my apologies…

that being said, since this is a religious thread, i’d like to say that just as you have your own religious beliefs, others have theirs as well. you seem to believe in a “god” and believe that that “god” does not want killing. Well, those that do kill in the name of THEIR god (not necessarily the same god as yours) believe that what they are doing is right just as you believe your opinions are right.

this is why many people will never see eye to eye on religious matters. as much as you think they’re wrong to think “god” does not want them to kill, they think you’re just as wrong for trying to stop them from doing “god’s” work – yet another reason why religion never works well on forums.

and that is all the religion I will probably EVER post on this board.

You honestly think that this forum sucks and youre leaving because of political and religious discussions? Thats pretty childish if you ask me, and youre not going to have much luck finding a forum that doesnt contain this stuff, and this is the lowest content of political and religious discussions that I have seen on a board. Plus, you shouldnt have flamed just because someone expressed their opinion. Oh yeah, I hate Pres. Bush, I worship God, I dont trust politicians,and theres not a damn thing that you can do to stop me.

i don’t think he was trying to stop you…hence his decision to just leave…

just as it’s your right to discuss these issues, it’s his right to choose not to belong to a forum that discusses these issues. think of it from both sides.

Your input is much appreciated…

I know that he wasnt trying to stop me, I was just rubbing in his face that he wouldnt be able to if he wanted to.

level of maturity and lack of tact is another reason that religious and political threads can go bad.

Oh come on, cant you take a joke?

i don’t think politcal/religious threads are a place for jokes based on the sensitive nature of the content.

shadowfaxframe, your original “joke” was directed at someone that clearly was very unhappy about this thread and this forum, which should be clear from the Goodbye CDFreaks!!! message left by DJMind.

Just because it’s fun for you doesn’t mean that it’s fun for the one who is on the receiving end. Rubbing someones face in it cannot accomplish anything positive, but can certainly aggravate or hurt the one who receives the rubbing.

I suggest you think about how it would feel if the roles were reversed. :wink:

Actually, I personally could care less about the political and religious discussions, seeing as how they dont affect anything. If I felt the same way that he did, I would probably just keep my mouth shut, since I cant change the opinions of other people. I made it clear that I was just joking with the “rubbing it in his face” comment, but apparently not many people in this thread can appreciate my sarcasm and humor. I wasnt really saying that I was rubbing it in his face, I was meerly joking. Oh, and I have thought about it if the roles were reversed. I personally wouldnt care, because I wouldnt know the person doing the rubbing, and he is leaving anyways, so why would he give a crap? He never has to look at the post again if he doesnt want to.

P.S.- If you read carefully, you will see that the “rubbing” joke was technically directed at reason’s statement, and the joke was my response.

C’mon, chill out guys…let’s all agree to disagree maybe?

I might have to share my chill pills at this rate! :bigsmile:

I get first few pills. About 5 should do!

Religion - Anarchy with a permission note from God :wink:

DJMind there is a way to send me a private message and I would have been happy had you done that. This was not per say a religious post if anything it was my tears being shed by posting how my hearts is broken that we are killing humans in the name of religion. As for a political this one was not although I have posted ones and I to do not like Little Bush and what he is doing, but I did not post a political post until after reading others posted here. Please ease up on me I am what I am and smile

Also I thought I was in the news forum when I posted this my mistake It was a post about the killing in the news. I knew that is where it should have been.