People in Europe - should I buy a pc now or in 7 months time?

Case for buying comp now: No chance of DRM-infected bios/hardware. Guaranteed free of the “compensation tax” that RIAA are planning to add to every PC sold in Europe. (they’ve started already in Germany.)

Case for buying the parts individually in 7 months time: Comp hardware gets cheaper with time, so better value in 7 months.

But (and here is the question) How likely is it that ALL computer parts (mobo, ram, cpu etc) will be lumbered with this tax, in the future? I know it sounds pretty unlikely that the RIAA could get a 15% tax put on ALL seperate PC components, but if you had told me 6 months ago that one day there would be a 15% tax placed on all PCs sold…

well, u see my point. so opinions please.

ps - will Dvd-rw’s be commonplace in 7 months? many thanks.

I have serious doubts they can pass this “law” on the entire EU , because the RIAA has no saying in Europe , only in the US of A.

And the EU is investigating the DRM thingy on Windows Media Player 9 at the moment.

In 7 months time , DVD will be more and more popular. Some LiteOns will be available as well then.

If DVD is your only real concern, I’d see no reason why not to buy a system now and a DVD-/+RW drive later this year…

A reason to way might be, if you want to have a computer running on the AMD Athlon 64 or the Intel Prescott CPU. But then again… you can wait forever… there are more new technologies to come…

Wait some months and buy a motherboard with internal S-ATA support (not those ones with a PCI controller).