People are taking PI/PIF scans WAY to seriously

I’ve held back posting about it but I seem to find a new post every day with someone saying they are disappointed with a burn or asking “should I throw this media out because of the high PI?” etc etc.

Here’s a great example of it - sorry to the poster but it’s nothing personal, your burns are both great and you shouldn’t be too picky - it’s only like 6000 PI difference :slight_smile:

I think there should be some kind of sticky about interpreting the scans because I’ve seen over 10 posts in the last few days with people who go as far to say a burn is crap even though it’s well within spec.

People really shouldn’t treat the liteon and Benq drives like they are some kind of media scanning gods :bow: who are never wrong. There are other factors that make a disc a good burn which the liteon and Benq drives cannot show. A disc that has 35,000 more total PI than another might not always be worse than the disc with less errors. Riteks scanned well when burned but look at them now. Reflectivity and build quality are also factors.

Testing disc in multiple drives is also more effective than just relying on the litey etc. I have had discs completely unreadable in two of my pioneers and my LG which burnt the disc could do a perfect 16X TRT on it. I won’t ramble on too much :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s just my 2 cents on the subject.


Specially some highly rated media over here seems to sometimes screw up the build quality completely.

Please smell the irony in my post :stuck_out_tongue: Both scans are more than perfect…

I use quality scan to determine initial quality and later to check degredation. Also to see if a burner is better with what media, firmware etc

Interpreting PI/PO error scans (Sticky)
Precision, accuracy, and reliability of disc quality (PI/PO/jitter) tests (Sticky)

Me too.

TRTs and the “real world” test (can you watch it? If it’s a data disc, can you copy your data to the HDD without error?) are just as important to me, though (when I find a suitable TRT drive of the 4 I’m currently using :rolleyes: )

Is that what I smell? I thought it was the tell tale scent of Ritek/Ridata discs (which smell like a chemical swamp). :wink:


How many of you can distinguish CMC from Maxell from Taiyo Yuden from Ritek by smell only? [Raising my hand.]

On the original topic: yes, some people take scans too seriously. To anybody who is not happy until PIFs drop into double digits, I suggest scanning a couple of pressed discs to see what is considered acceptable in mass production quality control.

I use quality scan to determine initial quality and later to check degredation.
So you folks who scan and check the disc later… exactly how do you go about that? Do you keep some sort of scan log with each disc’s serial number and the scan results or something like that so that when you re-scan a few months later, you have something to compare against?

And no, I’m not trying to be a wise guy; I am genuinely curious :slight_smile:

Personally…I keep the original scans in a folder which is named 12.12.06 (example). Then I’ll rescan those discs say, six months later, and compare the two sets of scans.


You may have a point there. Some folks are a bit obsessive about it. But hey, as long as they are not hurting anyone else, I figure they’re all good to go. :slight_smile:

I read a post relating to this by a user called [B]Mug Funky[/B] over at which was most surprising…

I don’t keep scans of all my discs but basically all my discs have a name/number/date and i keep the scans in same order. My discs are sorted in binders/boxes as well. And they are in a database too :slight_smile:

I save my scans (don’t scan every disc though) I get from KProbe and name the .png with the discs name, producer of the disc, rated speed, burned speed
then every now and then I rescan the same discs and compare the scans

Hey, if you can read the disks and your drive has typically scored well in quality scans, don’t sweat it until you can’t read the disks any more. :slight_smile:

Well, ok, maybe check every 50 burns or so just to make sure, but still…

But then you just lost a lot of discs. Let’s hope they weren’t valuable :wink:

Bah - for 90% of the folks, they’d just have to re-download the porn clips… :stuck_out_tongue:

He (BK) has LiteOn drives, which most of the time read good, so let’s hope those’ll save his pr0n clips :bigsmile:

Heh. Well, I do use Verbatims… lol

Me? CLIPS? You must be kidding… :smiley: