Pentium iv 3.2ghz 478, 800mhz, overheating



Well guys,

After carefully reviewing your replies and products out there, I decided to go with the Zalman CNPS 7700-CU, 100% copper heat sink, with 120mm fan. It will arrive here tomorrow. The kit comes with everything I need including themal compound. Do you guys think the stock thermal compound will be good enough? Is the Artic silver really worth the hassle of aquiring it?

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Artic Silver III is REALLY good - and is about $6 for like 1oz-

It is known to drop the temp of the cpu several degrees-

Your call - me - I own a tube of the stuff-

Should be at any good computer store (call around first)-



things i do: replace both side panels on the PC case with shade cloth or paper [newspaper etc is fine].

check BIOS options for a CPU voltage setting. if there, lower it 2 steps. it won’t affect performance, but WILL lower CPU temps. NEVER use any paste [but this is up to you]. paste has very little impact on temps - itz mainly use for conducting heat more efficiently to heat sink, but my CPUs have always run cooler without gunk on them, also look for a motherboard voltage setting in BIOS, lower it one or two steps and see if it helps

anyway, you get Zalamn grease with that monster. should wotk as well as any other


I meant to ask on the last thread - How do you read your temps?

I dont understand why manufacturers (Dell/HP etc…) would use it if it made no difference. They could save a few cents per machine = more profit. I had a mate who swore Cars dont need thermostats, why do they incorporate thermostats into design if they dont have to? Potentially a saving of $1 per car produced. I’m not knocking your method G)-(osters each to their own, but fasco is probably best off going with the norm on this one.


hey, cool, i am not put off at all. i agree, use paste if you have it.
for temps in realtime i use everest home edition, go to computer/sensor and wait while it reads. temps tend to be higher in BIOS than realtime [in Windows]


Wow, it is interesting that you say that, because i have been getting all my temp readings directly from my bios. I am going to install the temp monotoring software instead, to see if i get lower temps.

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yeah, itz true for my PCs. just let it sit at the BIOS temp screen until the temp stablises, then you get a good idea


Motherboard Monitor 5 is one of the most accurate I’ve used. Might give Everest a whirl though. My BIOS is far from the Mark. Motherboard Monitor Download


i hope you checked the motherboard compatbility list for that cooler on zalman site before you ordered as it dont fit every board due to large size and the mobo must have mounting holes anyway in my opinion buying a cooler that weights 918g isnt a good idea , there are barly diffrences among thermal compunds, i cant agree on bigmike suggestion as its electric conductive and may cause problems thats why i recommend arctic silver ceramique which isnt conductive , anyway the autor of motherboard monitor gave it up and therfore the program hasnt been updated for many months i recommend speedfan which is regulary updated and accurate aswell

Arctic Silver 3 was formulated to conduct heat, not electricity. It is only electrically conductive in a thin layer under extreme compression.
(While much safer than electrically conductive silver and copper greases, Arctic Silver 3 should be kept away from electrical traces, pins, and leads. While it is not electrically conductive, the compound is slightly capacitive and could potentially cause problems if it bridges two close-proximity electrical paths.)


as phil_ says, i hope you got space for that Zalman. if not, return it, get a smaller make/model.

i know some people use toothpaste instead of Arctic Silver - works well