Pentium iv 3.2ghz, 478, 800mhz heat problem solved

Well guys, my zalman CNPS 7700 cu came in today. The first word that came to mind when I saw this thing was “bohemoth”. You really don’t imagine from the pics, unless it is installed, how large this thing really is. Even though I checked the Zalman site to make sure it was compatible with my intel motherboard, i had my doubts that it would fit. However after setting it in place, the only close call was my PSU, which it cleared by a 1/16 of an inch. according to zalman there has to be a radius of 2.68 inches between your PSU and the center of the CPU. After un-mounting my old heat sink, it took me about 15 minutes to have this thing up and running. I found the instructions to be simple even for a newbie like me. Prior to installing this thing i wanted to make sure that I could get some fairly accurate results so I installed, Intel Active Monotor, and viewed the cpu temp. After 1 hour of sitting idle, it was reading 71c. (<- not a mistake). Then it occured to me that part of my problem could very well be ventilation. I added 2 fans on the rear of the case, as well as cut a hole in the carboard backing of my desk to allow the rear exhaust to escape more freely. I then viewed the cpu temp reading, again idle, and it was reading 61c. SO obviously part of my problem was ventilation, which i beleive i now solved. After installing the Zalman, i took another cpu reading, after 1 hour of sitting idle, it was reading 50c. My net gain with the Zalman I beleive it to be about 10c. My computer is running much better now. Thanks guys for the info. I wish i could upload a pic of this thing installed on my machine.

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you sure the word was not Behemoth instead :wink:

i thought that the PSU might be a close call with that Zalman. Don’t think mine would have room. Also, YES, blocking the PSU vent at rear will force hot air back into the case. so good move with the cutout. so now you got 4 fans in total whirring away ? buy some ear plugs now ay ? :wink: run cpu burn in, watch the temps, see how high it gets before it stabilises.