Pentium III 500 doesn't work

I’m using DVD2one either on an Amd 2000xp and on a pentium III 500 computer systems. The former works greatly, but the last one as soon as I start the compression ends the process as it had completed it succesfully. When I go to the folder in which I saved the new movie created by DVD2one, all files are 0 kb large.
Does it depend on the processor speed?or does the pentium III is unable to work with this software. I’m using Windows XP in each system and the hard disk in which the Pentium III 500 is installed has enough space to store the movie and to process it(about 30 GB). Please let me know something. Thanks in advance!

Not really, DVD2one runs on every pentium processor (from a pentium 1 to a 4)

Maybe something else is going on with your system or filesystem?