Pentium 4 which stepping?

Which stepping is the best for overclocking?

I heard somewhere D1. Is this the best one or is/are there better steppings?

I think what you’re after is C1

Yeah its the C stepping the P4 2.4Ghz C stepping, it has the 800Mhz FSB and hyperthreading.

I read over at HardOCP that you should go for the retail model not the OEM as apparently the OEM models do not overclock as well as the reatil. Dont ask me why but it was on the front page of their news.

I indeed read, that the C1 stepping of the P4 2,4 is a beast when it comes to overclocking. Seems that some people can get it over 4 Ghz when using watercooling. Not too bad… eh? :wink:

I’ve got a P4 2.4C but 3.0GHz is the practical limit without additional cost on cooling and RAM.

The next step is 90nm Prescott.

There seems to be some misconception here.
The D1 steppings are ONLY on the newer P4-C CPUs. These have the 800Mhz FSB and HT enabled.
That means Kenshin has a D1 stepping for sure.

However, the C1 steppings are on the older 533 Mhz FSB Northwoods. That means all the chips up to and including the 3.06 Ghz had the C1 steppings. These are all 533 chips NOT 800.
All the C models have a) D1 stepping b)800 MHZ FSB and c) HyperThreading (HT).

These are NOT on the chips with C1 steppings, except for the 3.06 GHZ model which has HT.

Your right about it have a D1 stepping core

Intel CPU Specs

Perhaps the “C” branding is somehow to do with retail identification as every site I’ve read a review of this CPU had called it a P4 2.4Ghz C.

Xbit-Labs P4 2.4C Review

The “C” at the end of the name, ie P4-2.4C/2.6C/2.8C/3.0C/3.2C
indicates that it is an 800 MHz FSB , that’s all.
DO NOT confuse it with a P4-B, which means 533 FSB. C1 is it’s stepping.

yes the letters in the model number tells us what bus speed the chip is running:

original p4 (A) 400mhz bus

B 533mhz bus HT on the 3.06 model

C 800mhz bus HT on all models

man, i gotta learn to type fasetr :wink:

Small correction, Donald.
The P4"B" models also include 400 Mhz parts, eg the P41.6A, 1.8A and 2A which have 400 Mhz FSB, but with 512K cache and are built on the 0.13 micron process.