Pentium 4 or AMD?

Holy Shite!
Virtual machines implemented in the CPU! That’s SOOOOOO freaking awsome …

That will sure help the mass-migration from Windows to Open Source OS’s too! :wink:

A Dual boot system with Linux & WindowsXP.

Once linux is up and running, you can start moving common tasks between OS’s, rather than an “All or Nothing” approach, and then switch between (Alt+Tab perhaps?) them if one OS cannot perform a particular task.


Why not, if the system was cheap enough. You can always use it as a fileserver

I’d prefer AMD for my main system though.

Just don’t like Intel.

AMD outperforms Intel and it happens the other way around also, but not too often anymore. The simple fact is AMD has been extremely honest about the performance of their CPU’s. Pricing them appropriately compared to the intel counterparts and to their own. Intel blows smoke and uses the media hype to drive their processor prices up(actually to release them with high prices). AMD doesn’t need any of that just honest performance that proves itself. Intel might have money but it doesn’t help them catch up to AMD in terms of 64-bit processing and dual core. Most people in this world just want a low cost pc to use for the 3-5 years they last on average. AMD offers low-budget and high-performance in the same package.

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It depends what you’re looking for, AMD A64 3200+ offers a great price/performance ratio while still not being slow, if you want Dual Core (this is not the same thing at HT btw) X2 3800+ by AMD is a good choice, Intel also have some few CPUs with very good performance so its a matter of how much money you want to spend. Also keep in mind that a good mainboard is just as important if not even more than choice of CPU. I’d recommend that you have a look at Techreport and Xbitlabs since they usually do better reviews (tests etc) than ThG and arent as biased either…


Dizzy, I don’t know that THG is biased… Anyway, will check techreports and xbitlabs.

In the mean time, looking at THG comparison of X2 3800+ ($297) and Pentium D 930 Presler ($196) in this chart: it seems that the intel wins based on price/performance ratio. I don’t do games but use Pinnacle a lot as well as other graphics/authoring softwares.

actually even before a64z when there was 500 mhz cpu came it had reputation abt heat producing…so that think carried till A64s came … u may be right amd would have imporved … and there is still no trend here using extra fans in casing or heat sinks etc …:frowning:

actually thing is that in our country alomost 80% user buy pc for entertainment …like they want to listen music .watching dvd and like that stuff some times even games … so they always think to buy cheapest computer …i still remember in 2001 when i got my first pc …everyone was saying buy an amd processor rather intel …it would save 30% money etc …
at that time there was 700s mhz amd was very popular because of its price …so that trend folllowed till A64s …so that y i said amd will be better in saving money…

I just bought the CPU you mentioned (X2 3800+ by AMD ) and I think it is awesome. I paid a 287.00USD and I think its worth every penny. (I bought it from Newegg.)


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P4’s are dead, Intel is going core and putting some L1 back into their line, they are giving away dual core just to save face and stay in the game. The 820D is a great deal and doubles as a small room heater on a cold night. I can’t get any heat out of my amd64/3000 even at 40% overclock.